About Us

When you see the «-Fox-» tag in game, it means more than just membership in a free company, it means you are part of our community. Welcome to Midnight Fox, a growing Final Fantasy XIV Free Company and community of gamers on the Goblin server found in the Crystal data center.

Casual or Hardcore?

Why not both? FFXIV boasts a diverse approach to gameplay and we take the same approach with our FC. You will find that our members are never short of finding others to group up with or who share similar interests:

  • Leveling
  • Roulettes
  • RP events
  • Savage Content
  • PVP Content
  • Crafting & Gathering
  • Housing & Glamours


We host a wide variety of events and provide other benefits including:

  • Daily FC Buff Schedule
  • Weekly Level III FC Buffs
  • Fox Kit raid learning group
  • Static groups for Savage content
  • Mount Farms
  • Map Parties
  • FC House next to Market Board
  • Up to date FC workshop open to all members
  • Holiday & Special Events (raffles, games, etc)
  • Virtual Movie Nights
  • Casual Game Nights (Among Us / Town of Us / Dead by Daylight / Phasmophobia)

View our event schedule to see our current schedule of in game and out of game events!

FC Stats

Active Members
Static Raid Group

View our more info and FC stats on our Free Company page on the Final Fantasy Lodestone.

Interested in joining Midnight Fox?

View our recruitment page on the Final Fantasy Community Finder.

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